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Got a Question? Mo Knows.
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Mo likes questions about trees, vegetation management, climbing, and safety around power lines and utility right-of-way. He will answer the most interesting ones and post them here.

Why do utilities insist on cutting trees on my property?
Your electric utility only trims trees that are close to power lines and they do it to insure that you and your neighbors have an uninterrupted supply of electric power. A tree limb that comes into contact with a live electrical line can cause a short-circuit. That can lead to a power outage and is a potential hazard to people nearby. So the electric utility only trims trees to protect you and to insure a steady supply of electricity to your home.

Why does an electric utility use a contractor to trim trees? Why don’t they do it themselves?
Trimming trees near power lines is a very specialized line of work. Electric utilities choose companies like Treesmiths Utility Arborists to do the work because we have personnel trained to work near power lines trimming trees and removing brush. We also have specialized equipment developed just for this kind of work. In the long run, it is less expensive for utilities to use contractors for line clearance work that it would be to do the work themselves. And that saves you money on your utility bill.

Does tree trimming damage the tree?
Done properly, trimming a tree, far from damaging it, actually strengthens the tree, promotes new growth and prolongs its life. At Treesmiths Utility Arborists, we follow the tree care guidelines of the International Association of Arboriculture, an organization dedicated to the preservation and proper maintenance of trees. We like trees. That’s why we got into the business. You can be sure that we will never do anything to harm your tree.

Why can’t you just leave my trees alone? Nobody trims trees in the forest and they do quite well.
Trees in a landscape are quite different than trees in a forest, especially if they are near power lines. For instance, a dead branch that would merely fall off a forest tree should be removed from a landscape tree. If it is near a power line, it can fall on the line and lead to a power outage. Or it can fall and hurt somebody. Finally, a dead branch in a landscape setting it unsightly and should be removed to improve the looks of the tree.

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